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Born in Ankara, raised in Mersin, lives in Istanbul. Graduated from Tarsus Amerikan College which he thinks he owes almost everyhting to. After studying at Bilkent and Bocconi in Milan, he started consulting life, followed by IBM and ending with Hay Group, before embarking on the adventure of Habita.

Used to only know about the consulting world; never really hated corporate life but always wanted to feel happier. Believes that the place where you live and work greatly forms people, and needs to be a dynamic and sharing environment. Loves food (the eating, the talking and the dreaming about it), horses and all kinds of sports.


Born in 1981 in Ankara. After having served in the Undersecretariat for Foreign Trade and the Ministry of Economy at several levels for 10 years, he managed to escape from the cold environment of bureaucracy.

According to Serdar, who is an alumni of Bilkent and Cornell Universities, the road to happiness passes through seeing different places, meeting new people and doing creative things.

Serdar's entrepreneurial soul and energy came to life with habita. Currently he is excited about and enjoying every moment of this process, where his starting point to make his dream come true was: " The road is the goal".


Burak was born and raised in Mersin. After having graduated from Tarsus American College, he studied Chemical Engineering at İstanbul Technical University and Marketing Management at Middlesex University respectively.

Although Burak has always carried the entrepreneurial spirit inherited from his father, after his graduation he had experienced corporate life by being assigned different positions of the sales departments of Stemcor, BP, and Prista.

When he finally realized the inadequacy of corporate life, he had his own start-up, though unsuccessful. But he started believing that the success of the individuals lies in sharing and interaction and he thinks he can realize this with habita. He is interested in everything that involves science and people.

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