Ithaca is gorges Cornell is gorgeous!

Hosting a Cornell Alumni event has been more meaningful for us, since one of our co-founders – Serdar- is also a Cornell alumni. The event was helpful on the one hand for undergraduate and graduate students, who will start their first term this year, to meet Cornell alumni and find answers to their questions about the university and life in Ithaca, and it was nostalgic on the other hand for us being an alumni.

The ones who had lived abroad for some time would understand the feeling that, no matter if you had good or bad memories, you own the place you live in and you left your heart there. It was the same for me (Serdar), while all these years did not erode my love to Ithaca, I must admit that I missed Ithaca so much, even though I had found it very boring when I was living there.

Therefore, having an opportunity to meet the Cornell alumni and to talk with many people, who had experienced different periods of the university and the city, I personally had a great night. I would like to thank to all the participants, personally and on behalf of habita, who shared this great night with us, accompanied with wine and pizza, and to everyone who had a contribution in the organization of the event.

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