habita is opening!

As we have said before, everything had started with a dream. Our dream was designing and being a part of a living and working space that will host a talking, discussing and sharing community,where nice things are produced.

First duty was to construct the place. Construction process was harder than we have thought. However, every obstacle that we had encountered, contibuted to us at the sametime. Our enthusiasm and excitement were increased thanks to the positive feed-back we had from our visitors, even during the construction process.

After 6 months of day and night work, finally here we have habita,. We are thankful to the ones, who shared our dreams and had even the littlest contribution in our journey.

In order to see where we got from, we had taken the photo of the place, from the same angle that we had took 6 months ago, when we rented the place. We got happier as we look.

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