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habita is offering time for interaction, growth with sharing (experience)and creative mind, by eliminating burden and obligations like investment, office management.

We have a dream to offer a “habitus”, which is aimed to be a multi faceted sharing environment that sprinkles common mind, accelerates ideas, establishes productive relationships and sets a ground to learn things altogether.

No matter if you work in the biggest holdings in the world or you work as a freelance and be a start-up…habita involves something for everyone, who desires to feel better while working; needs to take a breath and maybe more importantly wants to be a part of an ecosystem where “nice things” are created altogether.

In habita you can find everything you need in order to work without sacrificing your time, efficiency and quality of your work.

24/7 access

Meeting rooms



Complimentary drinks



Minimum 10 Mbps internet

Secretary services




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